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The Real Estate Market can be tricky. We're here to ensure a certain standard of excellence. Consumers need professionals that know and care about their needs, and in a world full of broken promises, we're here to shine the light. Our goal is to see our industry flourish, and the only way that can happen is if we raise the level of our ethics, knowledge, and professionalism. We envision a fair, transparent, and honest market for all buyers, sellers, lessors, lessees, brokers, agents and developers.  Let's make it happen!

Belize National Association

of Real Estate

 Founded in  2006

Founded in 2006 with an eye to properly represent and propel a burgeoning and robust Real Estate Industry in Belize, the BNAR is unique and focused in its aim to inform and advocate for the Real Estate Professionals of Belize. 

As an organization of the highest standard, collaborating with the largest real estate organizations in the world, we take pride in educating and advocating for the Belizean real estate professionals that make homeowners' and investors' dreams a reality in the Jewel that is Belize.

Our Focus

Focus 01.


It's hard to argue with personal and professional advancement. At BNAR, we don't think you're ever done learning, and with tons of courses, trainings, e-books and other invaluable resources at your disposal – and for free – you don't have to.

We also want to provide more general support on a wide array of topics and this is where you'll find the crowdsourced info. A good real estate professional stays informed and we make it easy to stay up to date with the trends and happenings of the Real Estate world.

The best investment
on earth is earth

– Louis Glickman


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